Organic September

The Soil Association is promoting organic produce again this September, but what is organic and why do people choose it?

What is organic?

Organic produce is made using natural fertilisers from plants. It uses fewer pesticides than standard produce, and there are no artificial colours or preservatives added to products.

Organic farming uses less energy than standard farming and it demonstrates more respect for animals and the environment, too.

What are the benefits of organic?

Organic produce has a number of benefits:

  • It benefits animals. Organic farming is less intensive than regular farming  because animals spend more time outside during grazing season, eat a healthier (more natural) diet, and are housed better. They live longer and healthier lives!
  • It benefits the environment. Organic farms cause less pollution and have an average 50% increase in wildlife over a standard farm.
  • It benefits the land. Crop rotation means that the land is used less intensively.
  • It benefits the farmers. Organic farming is more financially sustainable as animals feed on grass rather than grain during grazing season.

Why do people choose to go organic?

Going organic is a simple change that can have a big impact. When people choose to go organic, they support healthier food, protect wildlife, and cut greenhouse emissions.

Going organic with Morefresh

Here at Morefresh we supply organic milk in 2 litre plastic cartons and 1 pint glass bottles.

Our glass bottles and 2 litre skimmed organic milk come from Cotteswold Dairies. All of their organic farms are within 12 miles of the processing site in Tewkesbury. The cows are outside for over half a year and many of their farms have robotics so that the cows can choose when to be milked. Cotteswold organic milk is certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers and by Red Tractor.

Our 2 litre full fat and semi-skimmed organic milk comes from Arla. Their free range, organic cows are outside for over 200 days per year. They rely on crop rotation and encourage wildlife by avoiding manufactured chemical sprays. Audited inspections on animal welfare and sustainability are carried out regularly on Arla organic farms.

You can find our organic milk in the Milk and Cream section of our website.


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