Plastic Not So Fantastic Perhaps?

Plastic is definitely out of fashion. Supermarkets are pledging to cut their packaging products and the Government has produced it’s 25 year Environmental Plan – planning to scrap all avoidable plastic waste by 2042 – quite an ambitious target!

Many people are now appraising their use of plastics and looking at ways to reduce it.   Some reduction in use will be easier that others but one area where you can make an immediate change is to swap your plastic milk bottles to glass ones.

Whilst all of the plastic bottles we use are totally 100% recyclable, this is often a complex and expensive process.

Glass on the other hand is a much cheaper and faster alternative to reuse.  When you have finished with your bottle, give it a rinse out and pop it back on the doorstep to be collected by the milkman.  Once it is taken back to the dairy it is sanitised and is ready to be used again.  Each glass milk bottle is, on average, used 16 times before being recycled.

So as well as the benefits of having your milk delivered  – such as convenience, supporting local business, keeping people in work and supporting British farmers, you can help with the reduction of plastic packaging by having your milk delivered in glass bottles.

Regular milk, organic milk and gold top are all available in reusable glass bottles.

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